Château-Arnoux / St Auban
Castrum Arnulphi fut probablement le nom du bâtisseur du 1er château fort situé sur la colline de Villevielle (St Jean)

Château-Arnoux / St Auban

Castrum Arnulphi is probably the name of the man who built the first fortified castle on the Villevielle hill (St Jean)

Located on the left bank of the Durance river, upstream from confluence with the Bléone river, this commune has been developing dramatically with the passing of centuries.

In the Middle Ages, it was a village with a few houses hanging on the Saint-Jean rock.
In the 15th and 16th centuries, the current "old village" developed in the surroundings of the castle built by Pierre de Glandevès between 1510 et 1530. Today this castle is the pride of Château-Arnoux, especially its spiral staircase (it was listed as a place of historic interest in 1969) which is its most beautiful piece..
During WW1, a factory set up in the village, at the foot of the Saint-Auban plateau, in order to produce chemicals for the terrible conflict.

Once the war was over, the factory developed and brought resources and prosperity to the village which increased from 600 inhabitants in the middle of the last century to 5,000 inhabitants in 1999. Today, Châteaux-Arnoux/Saint-Auban is the fourth biggest village in the department.
In the meantime, the commune developed high quality sports and cultural facilities (sport centre, cultural centre...) thanks to the local economic dynamism.
You can enjoy the peacefulness and the greenery of the park adjacent to the castle, before visiting the Farm of Saint-Jean...

The area has exceptional climatic and aerologic conditions, thus, the Saint-Auban platform has become the international meeting place for lovers of air sports where the glider flight World Cup took place in 1997.
A weather forecast centre and a high-level glider flight centre have also set up on this platform.
You can also discover the Provençal market which takes place every Sunday morning in Saint-Auban!

4,970 inhabitants
The inhabitants are called
the Jarlandins and the St Aubannais
Number of children attending school
The village was born in
Surface area
4,600 acres
Patron saint
St John the Baptist
arount 1,443 feet

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